This past year, I was able to visit Spain for a week with one of my professor and a group from school for a study abroad program. We visited Madrid and Seville and did so many wonderful things. However, my favorite place that we went was probably The Alcázar in Seville - a royal palace built by Moorish rulers in the 8th century - that still stands today. It was magical and lush without feeling like too much of a tourist attraction. I honestly could have stayed exploring the gardens all day


Entering The Alcázar

In Seville, we stayed at the Hotel de Ribera Triania so it was about a 15 minute taxi ride to The Alcázar. It is a historical site so keep in mind that you do need to bring some form of ID like your passport or driver's license. If you are a student, make sure that you bring your student ID if you have purchased a student-priced ticket. The outside of The Alcázar is also located in a beautiful square near the cathedral in Seville, so I even if you get there before the scheduled time on your ticket you can have some time to explore the beauty around you. I recommend buying your tickets in advance as well just to make sure that you get a chance to see the gardens on the day that you planned.


Picture Perfect

Once you show your ID and ticket, you can go up to a desk where you receive a handheld voice tour that describes the history of the different rooms of the palace. It is very helpful if you want to know about each room and what it was used for because the palace and gardens are so large, but I ended up mostly taking in the scenery without it because it was so incredibly beautiful. It is also an incredible place for photography because everywhere you turn is more amazing architecture and lush shrubbery. The orange blossoms were also in season, and the sweet scents only added to the experience. I truly could have stayed there all day and continued to live out my princess fantasy in the royal palace.


Outside the Palace Walls

My group and I visited The Alcázar towards the end of the day, so we only spent about an hour there. I recommend going earlier in the day so that you can experience the beauty for much longer, as they closed at 6PM. However, once we exited, we were in a gorgeous part of Seville with picturesque cobblestone streets and small shops. I was able to stop in one of these shops to get some souvenirs for my family, as well. I highly recommend a visit to The Alcázar if you ever go to Seville to experience its history and architecture, and beauty.


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